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Classes are designed to allow students to do something a little bit different in a safe and fun environment. The class gives participants the chance to experience something that pushes them both physically and mentally.

We currently provide 1hr and 2hr term classes. 1hr classes start with a warm up stretch followed by climbing the silk. Generally it takes a few classes to obtain the correct technique for climbing and then not long after that you will be completing your first trick/s…. photos and video are welcome!


For those that get quickly addicted we also provide a move advanced approach in our 2hr term classes which run weekly over a 8 week period. In these classes there is a much greater focus on flexibility, movement, performance and trick building.


Silks (tissu) is a great way to develop great core strength, flexibility, muscle tone and fitness. While hanging from aerial silks students climb and perform aerial acrobatics. Lessons accommodate for all levels and ability. Students can expect to be quite sore from climbing due to using muscles that are not normally used. Grip strength is greatly effected and most students will get sore hands which will dissipate over a short period of time.


We also provide private tuition for those who want to fast-track their skills. Private tuition run for 1 hour and are extremely physically demanding  but rendering the best results. (Private tuition by appointment only).


Silks Splits Elise


FAQ section


  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Cirque Fit accepts cash payments as well as payments through the paypal module. Paypal accepts all major credit cards, EFT and a couple of other methods.

  • Do have any try out classes?

Yes there are often promotional deals and free classes running to let people try out circus.

  • “How many people are in the class?”

     Approx 8-10 depending on the the venue location and capacity.

  • “Do I need to warm up before the class?”

    We conduct a full 15- 30 minute warm up and stretch prior to using the silks. It can be beneficial to walk or run prior to the class to further warm up.

  • “I’m a little overweight, am I still going to be able to do the class?”

    Not to worry, silks is an excellent way to lose weight and get fit. Initially it will be a little more difficult to climb but there are static positions that can be achieved which are both challenging and rewarding.

  • “How long do the classes go for?”

    Please see current timetable.

  • “What do I wear?”

    Tight clothing such as leggings and sports top. It’s important to cover your mid section so try not to wear a mid-drift.


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